Gender: female

This class (Core Fusion) was fun and stress relieving for some, life changing for others, but for me it has been a lovely mix of both. And the instructor (Leia) was so amazing and very energized. “Lifelong wellness” can be defined as a healthy balance of the mind-body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. This class showed me that it doesn’t take a huge gym full of all kinds of equipment or hours upon hours of time to become toned and fit. All you need is the knowledge in order to do the activities correctly, and the motivation to do it. :-) :-)

Vonnie Mourfield
Gender: female
Location: Bartlett, TN

:-) I belong to the Bartlett Senior Center class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Leia is the best yoga teacher I have ever had because she helps you find your flow. Doesn't make our class feel like there is pressure to do it perfect - only what makes us feel comfortable. I am amazed at how much I have learned and what a difference and much more flexible I am. And I love Leia's positive energy!!

Barbara Norris
Gender: female
Location: Bartlett, TN

Leia is a fabulous yoga instructor, and I have been one of her grateful students for four years.

She also has helped me to lower my high blood pressure by using specific postures. I highly

recommend Leia's class to all my friends.   Namasta, Leia!

Jean Farrar
Gender: female
Location: Memphis

I have really cherished out time together in our yoga practice. You have been wonderful, having helped me through shoulder surgery and pain. You have a real gift for teaching. I will really miss you and I wish you the best life has to offer. You deserve it!

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