Healing for Mind & Body

Dharma Yoga

Appropriate for all fitness levels                     Session length: 90 min                
 Private : $100 per couple     Semi-private:  $80 per couple      Trio: $70 per couple         Group: $60 per couple

Partner Yoga

Do you have a friend that you would like to introduce to yoga?

This class includes yoga postures performed together with another practitioner.  Working together fosters cooperation and trust.  Besides that it’s a lot of FUN!! You will be surprised how much you can learn about each other’s personalities in this session. If you have a regular practice on your own, you will especially enjoy how much deeper your poses will become when assisted by another practitioner. 

Your partner can be your friend, spouse, sibling or anyone else with whom you want to share the fun and joy of yoga. Practicing yoga at home provides a perfect environment for trust.

Two by two...

Couples Contact Yoga

Are you interested in deepening the connection with your partner?

Contact yoga goes beyond partner yoga - it is about relationship and energy.  It breaks down the barriers that keep us separated.

When we practice yoga with mindfulness and contact, the result is an amazing opportunity for physical, emotional and spiritual growth as we tune into the energy centers of our bodies.

Honor your partner or spouse with the gift of health and relaxation. Strengthen your connection and build trust through cooperative communication and humor.

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